'Photos are a magical break from the ordinary everyday form'

I came to England from Poland in 2007 and this was one of the most challenging aspects of my life. I needed to leave all my family, friends and the comfort of my well-known life behind. But my passion for travelling, strong interest in learning english and the excitement pushed me and I left to pursue my dreams of becoming a travel photographer.

Since living in the UK my interest in photography, fashion and art have developed as my work features the cultural and environmental differences between the United Kingdom and my home country, which I find fascinating. I am inspired by people, nature and circumstances; pleasant or not, for me they all are worth remembering. Photos are almost a live form of art and behind them are hidden stories, moments of our lives with thousands of meanings for each of us. I enjoy photographing people who are confident and never give up on achieving their goals, people who are not afraid to be different and colourful. I am an upbeat, positive person and I aim to get this energy across to my subjects. I love to capture raw emotions and natural happiness and I am inspired by clients who want to break traditions and step outside of their comfort zone in order to capture their perfect image.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in hiring me as your photographer, I am currently available for portraiture, family, advertising, editorials and weddings.