Urban photo session

Urban couple photo shoot in London!

I was delighted when Gati asked me to do the photo session for their 8th anniversary of being together. I just love this couple and they look so cool together. I am always excited when I photograph amazing couples, especially when they have such incredible chemistry. 

Another excitement was that finally, I had a chance to do the urban couple photo session in London, my favorite city. I used to dislike this crazy city, but every time I am there I love it more and more especially people, the vibe, architecture, and multiculturalism. You cannot be bored in London!  

The couple quoted:

‘When we moved to London over seven years ago, one of the first venues that we visited was the Barbican, an internationally recognized art center known for brutal architecture and contemporary art. We both fell in love with it very quickly and it became the place that we visited the most after all these years. When we come here we instantly feel teleported to a different dystopian world, where concrete and nature live in harmony. The venue is also special for us as Gizmo played on the main stage opening La Linea Festival last year while supporting a Mexican superstar Julieta Venegas.’

Gati & Gizmo