Personal Branding Photography

New branding photo shoot for BOTANICAL BOHEME and her new jewellery collection!

Festival- Personal- Woodland Wedding!!!!

This Festival Wedding of Georgia & Alex was all about happiness, reunion & friendship!

They wanted the wedding where they could share their happy day with family & friends, where they could eat, drink be merry without spending a fortune. For the location, they chose gorgeous Old Mill House. They fell in love with this location for the stunning meadow, willow at the entrance to the house, the old mill & the river.

The Mill building has been lovingly restored and converted to provide luxurious Bed and Breakfast accommodation near Taunton, where guests can relax and unwind, amidst the wheels and cogs of a bygone age. The feeling of peace and tranquility is enhanced by the sound of the river flowing by.

I don’t blame Georgina & Alex chose this place for their wedding, this place is just perfect!

Roslyn & James aquarium wedding

Beautiful wedding of James & Roslyn in National Marine Aquarium Plymouth!

Personal Branding Photography

Finally, I can share with you photos of Stevie and her daughter Ruis. It took me only a few months to edit them. I’ve been very busy recently due to my full-time job at the Plymouth College of Art. On this photographs Stevie was pregnant with baby girl Indi, now she's 5 months old! I know crazy right.
Stevie is an incredible maker and momma. She creates everything in her little white bohemian home in Plymouth. 
Her jewellery is inspired by the home she has created - it's full of plants and fresh foliage, based around simplified leaf shapes. 
Please check her Etsy shop:…
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Urban couple photo shoot in London!

I was delighted when Gati asked me to do the photo session for their 8th anniversary of being together. I just love this couple and they look so cool together. I am always excited when I photograph amazing couples, especially when they have such incredible chemistry. 

Another excitement was that finally, I had a chance to do the urban couple photo session in London, my favorite city. I used to dislike this crazy city, but every time I am there I love it more and more especially people, the vibe, architecture, and multiculturalism. You cannot be bored in London!  

The couple quoted:

‘When we moved to London over seven years ago, one of the first venues that we visited was the Barbican, an internationally recognized art center known for brutal architecture and contemporary art. We both fell in love with it very quickly and it became the place that we visited the most after all these years. When we come here we instantly feel teleported to a different dystopian world, where concrete and nature live in harmony. The venue is also special for us as Gizmo played on the main stage opening La Linea Festival last year while supporting a Mexican superstar Julieta Venegas.’

Gati & Gizmo

Personal Branding Photography for Manuela Design

I would like to introduce you to Manuela, my very old friend. We used to go to the primary school together & we had no contact for nearly 20 years!!! She found me on Instagram & came to my solo exhibition, which took place in my hometown in March 2018.

Manuela is very modest & talented woman. Her passion is crocheting & interior design. She makes beautiful jewellery & home accessories. If you want to buy or order some of her amazing stuff please contact her on Instagram:

I am very happy that after all these years she is with me again :) Thank you Universe for that :) It does not matter we live in different countries because after all those years we have learned how to appreciate & cherish every moment.

Maria & Joe's laid back countryside wedding!

When I met up with Maria and Joe on the pre-wedding photo shoot, they told me of their unconventional, vintage-twist low-key wedding plans. These two were not about having a big, over the top wedding, and focused more on having a small, intimate get together with family and friends, which I absolutely adore in a wedding.

The couple chose the most beautiful coastal wedding venue New Barton Weddings , set on the edge of the striking South Devon Coastline. The place was just perfect for Maria & Joe’s loving & romantic nature.  Beautiful barns, rustic oak beams, mellow stone walls, the surrounding countryside & breathtaking sea views, everything in one place.  

On the wedding day the venue looked stunning thanks to the Bride and her incredible style, creativity and eye for details. She spent hours making & decorating this place in a bright pink & creamy décor.

Maria picked the most gorgeous Jenny Packham art-deco dress. I was literally stunned when I saw it, it was just so cool. Paired with her au-naturel makeup look and bouquet of white peonies, pink astilbies, astatines, eucalyptus & bright pink roses.

They even brought their beloved French bulldog along to witness their ceremony ☺

I had such a blast being at Maria & Joe’s alternative non-traditional wedding, and I am so grateful to have been a part of their wonderful day!

I hope you will enjoy the photos!

Personal Branding Photography for Anna Gibala- Lazdowska

This summer finally I had the pleasure to work with an extraordinary woman & photographer Anna Gibala Lazdowska. I have been admiring Anna’s amazing photography skills for years. She beautifully combines her career as a professional photographer with her family life. I felt honored that I could photograph her with her youngest son Bruno in beautiful Poland.

Gareth & Edna

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph Gareth & Edna in beautiful Bath, the city where they met & fell in love. Now, they both live in Cardiff. It was magical because this meeting brought back all the amazing memories associated with this city and their romance.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding very soon :)

Great London Wedding

Joanna & Steven wedding at De Vere Devenort House, Greenwich, London was a dream. I knew this wedding would be epic and I absolutely loved shooting this amazing and kind couple.  I just love everything about it, the people, location and of course the dress! 

Thanks so much for asking me to share your day with me <3

London couple Steven & Joanna

Couple weeks ago I went to London to meet lovely couple Steven & Joanna.  Joanna found me through the blog post and she fell in love with my style of photography. I was very excited to finally meet them and photographed them in London!

The couple wanted to meet me in Greenwich Devenport House, a very special place for both of them, as well as a beautiful and historic part of London.

Can't wait for their big day! it's going to be a great London wedding!!!

Andrea & Paul

Finally, I can share with you photographs from Drea & Paul very stylish wedding.  I met them two years ago when I had a pleasure to photograph their engagement.  They loved it so much they decided to hire me for their special day. I knew the wedding would be unconventional and I was right! I just love everything about this unique wedding.


Trudy & Rory

This summer I had the pleasure to photograph Trudy & Rory alternative wedding. The ceremony and reception were held in Devenport Guildhall, Plymouth. The place is amazing, so bright and spacious, perfect for taking natural light photographs.  The atmosphere was incredible, so relaxed and beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Alan & Nicola!

When I found out that my beautiful friend Nicola was getting married and she wanted me to capture her special day, I felt honoured and very happy because I love everything about this woman. She’s crazy, with lots of passion and a very positive drive for life. I knew the wedding would be just perfect, with beautiful people and amazing energy. Plus I love Nicola’s rustic, boho style. 

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Grant!

Size 16 and proud!!

I was delighted to be invited by Frock on the High Street to photograph a local mum who is promoting body positivity. Stephanie Redmond shared an image of herself wearing a bright red bikini on social media. She posted the image of her size 16 body to encourage other women of any size to be positive about her body and to wear any clothes they want! Women should be able to dress how they like without the worry of what other people think of them. I am a huge supporter of this and was excited to be part of the shoot. 

For me, body size doesn't matter. What's important is finding a style of clothing that suits you and feel comfortable in, whatever your body shape. Stephanie looked incredible! Whilst selecting what she would wear for the shoot she tried on several outfits that she didn't feel comfortable in... so we kept going until we found the outfits that showed off her figure and she felt like herself in. The results speak for themselves. She looks stunning and completely comfortable. I hope that seeing the images helps women to gain confidence in their own body and encourages them to wear what they like not what society tells them they should wear! 

The article and photographs were published in the Herald Newspaper & Daily Mail

Please visit Frock The High Street boutique:

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