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Personal Branding Photography

Finally, I can share with you photos of Stevie and her daughter Ruis. It took me only a few months to edit them. I’ve been very busy recently due to my full-time job at the Plymouth College of Art. On this photographs Stevie was pregnant with baby girl Indi, now she's 5 months old! I know crazy right.
Stevie is an incredible maker and momma. She creates everything in her little white bohemian home in Plymouth. 
Her jewellery is inspired by the home she has created - it's full of plants and fresh foliage, based around simplified leaf shapes. 
Please check her Etsy shop:…
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Personal Branding Photography for Anna Gibala- Lazdowska

This summer finally I had the pleasure to work with an extraordinary woman & photographer Anna Gibala Lazdowska. I have been admiring Anna’s amazing photography skills for years. She beautifully combines her career as a professional photographer with her family life. I felt honored that I could photograph her with her youngest son Bruno in beautiful Poland.